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A good day turns great with lively bait

Floating Airhead®

  • 12 V DC, low current 1.7 amps, 360 GPH
  • High performance system mixes air and water to produce large gentle current of micro bubbles
  • Produces 99.5 % saturation of dissolved oxygen
  • Aerates 30 to 35 gallons
  • Fish stay lively - system does not injure fragile bait
  • Perfect for catch and release tournaments and crowded live wells
  • Naturally adjusts to any live well depth
  • Does not get clogged with bottom debris
  • Foam filter removes floating debris
  • Very quiet
  • Designed for fresh and saltwater
  • 6' 16 AGW power cord with copper battery clips
  • Complete ready to use system
  • Space saver clam shell package 7.5"W x10.75"L x 4"D

Stock # AHF-300